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Steve Gile, (574)533-0302 ext. 8211 - Fresh Beef / Fresh Pork
Don Hixenbaugh, (574)533-0302 ext. 8234 - import
Shelly Rassi, (574)533-0302 ext. 8241 - Processed Meats

Beef: Ground, Chucks, Clods, Offals, Rounds, Tips, Loins & Butts, Bone-In & Boneless, Patties (Fresh & Frozen), Portion Cut Steaks and more...

Pork: Ground, Butts, Lions, Back, Spare & Ribs, Chitterlings, Cooked Meats, Roasts, Patties, Cubed & Diced Ham, Casings, Frozen Items, Bacons, Hams, Sausage, Processed Meats, Lunch meat, Hotdogs, and more...

Veal & Lamb, Buffalo, Imported Meat Items, and much much more...

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